“Thumbs Up!” to Brian Borchers

“The Mike Utley Scholarship program has been a once in a lifetime experience.” “I have learned to do things that I didn’t know I could do.” stated Brian Borchers.

Friday October 7, 2011 Brian Borchers completed the Mike Utley Foundation Scholarship program at the Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan located in Detroit. Brian is the fourth recipient of this scholarship and resides in Monrovia, California.

In 1999 Brian was working as a lineman in L.A and fell 40 ft. to the ground landing upside down. He shattered his T8 vertebrae and fractured his T7 and T9 vertebrae. His desire to participate in the program was to have an opportunity for intensive training with a full team of specialists.

Weekly, throughout the program, Mike Utley, the rehabilitation team and the scholarship recipient engage in a conference call to track the progress made during the past week. The rehabilitation team consists of a physical therapist, personal trainer, biofeedback specialist and nutritionist. During the exit conference, Team Leaders Craig DeLeon and Shannon Higdon commented on how hard Brian has worked during the program and the progress he has made. Brian will return home with a complete workout routine to enable him to continue moving forward. He is currently employed full time and has one daughter.

If you would like to view videos of Brian’s workout sessions at the Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan log on to: http://www.facebook.com/#!/CenterforSCIRecovery

Thank you for your financial support. Another scholarship recipient has reached a new level in their recovery.